Willow Scab: Identifying And Addressing A Deadly Tree Disease

Willow trees can be tall, flowing and majestic. Unfortunately, they are also susceptible to a disease called willow scab, which can leave them looking a fright in a matter of months. If you own a willow tree, it is essential to be on the lookout for signs of this disease so you can act accordingly if it does appear. What are the signs of willow scab? Willow scab is a fungal infection that often begins in the spring or summer. [Read More]

4 Dog-Friendly Landscaping Ideas

Dogs and yards can be a bad mix. You want your dog to be able to run around and enjoy your yard, but you don't want to deal with brown spots all over the yard, or dug up flower patches. Luckily, there are landscaping options that are beautiful to look at while also being more dog-friendly. Here are four ideas to get you started: Consider Clover Lawns More and more homeowners are making the switch from traditional grass to clover for their lawns. [Read More]

3 Drip Irrigation Myths You Should Know About

When you want an irrigation system to keep your lawn hydrated, there are a lot of choices available. Drip irrigations are one of the most popular systems out there. These systems consist of a series of underground tubes that provide water to your lawn. Drip systems are convenient because you do not see the tubes, nor do they interfere with lawn mowing or any activities.  You may still be unsure whether or not a drip irrigation system is right for you and your family. [Read More]

Tree Maintenance Jobs That Require The Help Of A Professional Crew

With a careful approach and the right tools, you can often perform a variety of tree maintenance tasks around your property. From trimming small branches to snugly wrapping up new trees in burlap for the winter months, these jobs are easy for any homeowner to handle. There are other times, however, that you really should have a tree service handle the job. These professionals use a combination of the right training and right tools to ensure that they handle your tree-related job safely and successfully. [Read More]