3 Tips For Planning An Affordable, Usable Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is an ideal way to spend time enjoying your yard and to avoid heating up your home unnecessarily during those long summer days. However, it can be an expensive addition, so it is important to plan ahead for your modifications. You will also find that by maximizing the efficiency and available space, it will be easier to use your outdoor kitchen. #1-Use Or Expand Your Existing Patio For Your Outdoor Kitchen  [Read More]

How To Seduce Someone With Your Back Yard

Landscaping isn't always thought of as the most romantic thing in the world. However, your back yard actually has the power to turn a good night into a fantastic one. From what you plant to where you sit, your back yard can help you seduce a new romantic interest or even your spouse of decades!  Pick a Passionate Perch Pick a small area of your back yard to serve as your romantic nook for you and your love interest. [Read More]

Create A Clean Sharp Edge In Your Lawn With Simple Tools

If the front of your home is lined with a beautiful flowerbed, you might dread the weekly chore of mowing the lawn. It's difficult to mow the area where the grass ends and the flowerbed begins. All the dirt and weeds that get in the flowerbed because the grass is not separated from it can make yard work a hassle. However, placing a ridged metal barrier between the lawn and the flowerbed makes mowing a breeze, and this guide explains how to do it. [Read More]

3 Tips To Control Buttercup Weeds In Your Garden

Weeds are not fun to deal with. In fact, there are some that seem impossible to get rid of. Buttercups make your lawn look less desirable and you might be at a loss as to how to get rid of them. Use the following as your guide to rescue your lawn from buttercup weeds. Tip 1: Loosen the Soil Check the soil to ensure that it is moist, but not soggy. [Read More]