People Appeal -- 3 Tips For Designing The Right Landscape For Your Apartment Complex

Whether you're building a new apartment complex or have purchased an existing one, how you landscape it can go a long way toward making it appealing to renters. So, how can you maximize your landscape design to help keep good renters? Here is a handy guide. Know Your Renters. First, consider what types of renters are your most common tenant pool. Is it families? Couples and singles who work extensively off-site? [Read More]

Precautions To Prevent Tree-Related Damage During A Storm Season

A serious storm can uproot trees or break off their branches. Such accidents can cause serious damage to your property or even injuries. If you have trees in your compound, take the following precautions before the storm season begins: Trim Off Extremely Weak Branches A tree with a relatively strong trunk and root system can still be damaged by a storm, for example, if it has weak branches. Weak branches of a tree are those that have been infected by a disease, are rotting, have missing bark, or have started to crack at the point where they join the main trunk. [Read More]

Before Installing a Retaining Wall, Remember These Three Things

Installing a retaining wall is no easy feat. Not only is there a lot of time involved with the process, but it can also be quite an investment financially. For this reason, when you install a wall, you want to ensure it's best for your home. Before constructing a retaining wall for your home, here are three important things to remember. Approach DIYs with Caution There is no shortage of tutorials online to assist you with constructing a retaining wall. [Read More]

Why All Businesses Must Pay Attention To Their Landscaping

Store owners put great thought and planning into the layout of their stores and interior decorations. Unfortunately, they often put little to no time into considering how their exterior grounds look. Here's why that's a mistake and why you should make sure your commercial landscaping is pristine. First Impressions Think about how you would feel as a customer driving up to a store with overgrown grass and dingy looking bushes. To begin with, you might think it went out of business a long time ago and keep driving right on by. [Read More]